Week in review 25/01/2016 IronmanUK 70.3 training

A really frustrating week, last week. I absolutely smashed 10k on Tuesday (relatively, for me I mean). I had gone out in the hope of scraping in under the hour, and ended up running 56 something for it. I was over the moon, so I went to do it again on Thursday, got to abbout 4k, not far from Tower Bridge, felt quite a lot of discomfort in my ankle, but was making good time so decided to push on. Not a smart move. Serious pain on Friday and Saturday, spent Saturday night and all day Sunday with my compression socks on, had a big foam roll last night and everything seems ok today, I notice the pain a bit when I’ve been sitting down for a while (one of the problems with a desk job). I’m going to smash it out on the foam roller tonight after a kettlebell session and then hit that 10k again tomorrow, kettlebells again Wednesday, short run Thursday, maybe kettlebells again Friday then long run / ride Saturday / Sunday.

There’s still plenty of time to go before June, 21 weeks yesterday so a proper rest seemed like the best thing for it. My weight is going exactly to plan. Exactly 4 weeks into training and exactly 4kgs down. Perfect.


Fuck motivation – discipline is what you need

I got an email in early January from Nerd Fitness, I subscribed to Steve Kamb’s site a while ago and he sends out some incredibly nerdy, but incredibly useful and inspiring emails, but this one was like a big old punch in the face, it was called

Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions. Do this Instead.

he put a link to this…

Fuck motivation

It is perfect, it sums it up beautifully, because this is me! I can’t count (well, I could, but it would take days and I don’t want to) the amount of times I’ve written that I’ve lost my motivation, it would be a load more, but it’s more than likely that I lost my motivation for writing about training when I lost it for actually training.  The point is, I always felt like I’d lost my motivation and just waited for it to come back. Quite a lot of the time it never did, or didn’t for absolutely fucking months and then I’d put on 10kgs and running and cycling hurt so I didn’t bother, or even when I as training hard I’d skip a few sessions because I didn’t feel like it.  This article made me realise that motivation is bullshit. I need discipline. Motivation will be great, it will make it easier to get out of the door, but it’s discipline that’s needed and it’s discipline that I’m going to implement.

Making the decision to get up at 5am and get the early train so I can run for an hour at lunch is easy, the actual getting out of bed is the hard part, and when I don’t feel like it I could blame motivation, but I’m not going to. I’m going to get my arse out of bed and get the early train.  I’ve managed that on both days I planned this week, which is a good start, it’s all I can do at the moment.

I urge you to read the full article: Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions. Do this Instead.


Week in review 18/01/2016 IronmanUK 70.3 training

160 days to race day.

Biggest week so far:

2 x 45min runs

Park run (with Buds on his bike)

1 x 50 min run to Mum’s

2 x 1hr+ bike rides.

It’s getting easier and it’s getting more enjoyable, I think this week I’ve actually started to enjoy training, it’s taken a few weeks, but getting out of the house is less of a struggle and after the initial few minutes each time the pain seems to go and it’s a joy to be out, I now know that spring is going to be amazing (if / when it arrives).

I’ve had a few niggles this week, shin splint-y pain and a weird pain in my foot, a bit of stretching and compression socks seems to do the trick.

I’ve also found that tight calves / heel cord may not be a problem locally there. Really stretching out my hamstrings and adductors (always tight, because I sit on my arse at a desk 8 hours a day) seems to relieve the pain.

Weight is continuing to shift in the right direction, although this weekend I let it go a bit, overindulging in orange party food on Saturday (Wotsits are addictive, salty cheesy little bastards) and then overeating on Sunday (and I had a glass of wine, one glass of wine with dinner) the food was all home cooked, but I ate more flat bread than I should and more cous cous. It’s very difficult to eat sensibly with Mechoui lamb, it’s slow roast lamb covered in garlic, rosemary and thyme, pulled apart and put into a homemade flat bread with yoghurt, harrissa and a carrot, orange and pomegranate salad. It’s fucking immense all wrapped up together, the salty lamb, fiery harrissa, cooling yoghurt, sharp salad, all in that doughy bread. Yuuumm.

I also had a Hungarian biscuit afterwards.


MyfitnessPal is a real help because it’s easy to see where I went wrong and by how much and then make the necessary corrections (it’s normally pretty obvious, but it helps having it written in front of me)

Right, I’d better get on with this week then. (It’s actually Thursday today so technically it’s almost over and I’ve only done 10k running so far)



Week in review 04/01/2016 IronmanUK 70.3 training

174 days to race day.

An slow start to triathlon training, but a start nonetheless. I managed 3:49  out of a planned 7:48.

I tried out running back from the station, it’s just under 2km, but it wasn’t really working for me, it’s too much hassle for a short run like that, in that I could just walk home from the station and schedule in longer runs. I might try and run from the station in London to the office when it gets a bit lighter, but for the moment I’ll bin that idea.

Good ride out with the Shaws and Darren on Sunday, nothing spectacular.

Diet good, carbs low, getting on with it.


a triumphant return

My return to triathlon training went like this:

2 runs, browsed Tri-Talk, looked at a few blogs, loaded up training peaks, filled in IMUK 70.3 and the Turkey run in December then went and sat back on the sofa. I’m conscious of overtraining so I think this is probably the safest option.

I’m going to fill in the next 8 weeks of base training over the weekend and then, hopefully on Monday I’ll find some motivation from someone or somewhere and actually do one of the sessions.


Wimbleball III

Another year, another me not at a desirable weight, not as fit as I wish to be and going back to this blog to put some thoughts down and get ready for the next attempt.

I’ve come to realise that I need a goal to be motivated to lose weight and train and that goal needs to be sufficiently difficult. So, back to Wimbleball, another 1/2 Ironman triathlon. I’m coaching myself this time and I’m already excited about it. I’m not entirely sure what my target will be, but I’m thinking 6:30 this time, a 48 minute improvement over 2012, but with a bit of weightloss that should be achievable with nearly 300 days until raceday. Having said that, preparation needs to start now. I’ve had a few weeks off on holiday and put on a couple of kgs, so I need to reverse that and get some base miles in over the winter ready for some serious training in the spring.

I’ve got a bit of a niggle in my shoulder which I’m going to work on in preparation for a lot of swimming over the winter.

I’ll start recording properly next week, I’m going to use the rest of this week to plan out the next month, have a couple of easy sessions and plan my diet.


Week 4

50 % of target runs hit, unfortunately that’s only two runs, and no long run. I think being ill (and perhaps the 90min run on the Sunday I got back from France) took longer to get over than I had anticipated. I had absolutely nothing in my legs last week, I was worried that I was never going to see any fitness gains. Thankfully this week is a lot more positive with a much quicker 45 minute run on Monday. I am scheduled to go out today, but with the wind like it is and a much more settled forecast for tomorrow I shall wait until then.



I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the loss and gain of weight I’ve managed over the years, specifically the last 4, and worrying whether this would be a permanent feature of my life, dieting down for an event or something and then when it’s over going back to eating and drinking too much. I think the answer is no. The reasons are threefold.

1) I abstained from everything in the lead up to to Wimbleball in 2011 and 2012, I restricted everything, no booze, no carbs, very few curries, and after the race I went nuts on it all because I was so restricted beforehand and I didn’t stop. This time I’ve got no intention of doing it like that. Beer and a white bread sandwich become so desirable when you can’t have them that you over-indulge when you can, so now if I want a beer I’ll have one, if I want a white bread sandwich, I’ll have one. The difference is that it’s not every day, there is a degree of restriction, but it doesn’t build up enough pressure to cause a problem, the pressure is released regularly.

2) In 2011 I totally forgot about my diet as soon as I crossed the finish line, there was no conscious decison to eat more, I just didn’t think about it. Over the course of 2012 when I started reading more about nutrition and the role that sugars and fat have on our bodies I became (subconsciously to begin with) far more aware about what I was putting into my body. When my little boy was born I knew I was eating and drinking too much, but it wasn’t my primary concern (on reflection it should have been) and then more so as Dad declined, I was not interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I just wanted to get home and crack open a beer. These were conscious decisions to have a takeaway or open another beer, I knew exactly what I was doing and that I probably shouldn’t, but I was not bothered at the time (Again, with hindsight not the best way to deal with things). So for the past two years I have been more knowledgeable about what was right and wrong for my body regardless of whether I chose to use the knowledge. I now choose to apply my knowledge, I hope that if any other major ‘life events’ happen I will continue to choose to follow this lifestyle. Eating ‘clean’ (to me ‘clean’ it is the restriction of starchy carbs, processed food, alcohol and sugars. The eating of a lot of vegetables and protein) is habit forming, after being away in Paris for a week I could not wait to get home and put together a mammoth salad (That’s mammoth as an adjective) of lettuce and tomatoes and avocado and peppers and spring onions and cabbage (to go with my steak. obv.)

3) I have set some mini goals for the next couple of years; not all fitness / endurance related exactly, but all are focussed on maintaining a healthy weight and body composition, this is opposed to previous years where there was one big goal and nothing after that, so this year I have a marathon, a few sportives, a fitness show (no competition, but everyone there will be buff as fuck so I don’t want to stand out too much!) half-iron at the end of the year, a couple more bike rides in 2015 and an eye still on an Ironman in 2016. I think having these goals stretching out in front of me gives focus when one goal ends.

Anyway, this is how things stand at the moment, I am pretty confident they’ll stay this way, but I’ll keep adapting whatever happens.