Week Off

From putting my bike away last night until Wednesday next week I shall not be doing any training at all. I’m beginning to get a few niggles and aches that a weeks rest should sort out. Also this feeling ill after a weeks training is a bit worrying. I aim to go straight in with a long run on wednesday night, 12k or so. Really have to start building up to the HM distance or I will be in trouble come October 17th.

Debating whether to enter Ironman UK 70.3 next year. Would have 11 months to train. Hmmmm.


Training 20/07/2010 Kickboxing

Tuesday 6.15 with Stu. Better session than last week certainly. Still pretty tough. Another lot of hideous circuit training. 6 minutes in total. 1 minute on each, repeat once.

Ball Curls
Standing on one of those semi circle ball things and doing bicep curls and shoulder presses. (5kg)

Chest Press & Flys
10kg I think

Step ups onto a heavy bag
On the floor, obviously. Not hanging from the ceiling. That wouldn’t make any sense.(52 first go and 62 second)

Active rest as Stu likes to call it was all sorts of press ups, burpees, sit ups, step ups, dorsal raises, lunges, squats.

One thing it is definitely not, is rest.

Technical work wasn’t too bad. Left hook to the body is getting better. Step through spinning kicks are quite good. Need to work on knowing stu’s pads better and setting my feet properly. I have no stability half the time.

Finished with a press up circuit and some squats with medicine ball steering wheel twist things. Ouch.


Training 19/07/2010 – Running

8k round victoria park.

Was really quite tough. An after work run. Started out really difficult, wanted to give up really early on because I got a stitch and it was hot and I’d just got home from work and any other excuse I could think of to not have to run. I stopped and walked for about a minute or so, then started again. Catheryne suggested we do the smaller run just the bottom of the park if I wasn’t feeling good, so I had a little word with myself and carried on and did the big loop. After about 37minutes I decided that we’d walk one shortly, but that never happened. I realised that walking is not going to get me anywhere near a triathlon, half marathon and certainly not any longer distance races so we didn’t!

I also made a deal with myself that I could have a beer if we did the whole thing, so I did. Managed to go into the one off-licence that is owned by someone from the gym! Stupid Paragon. 🙂


Training 17/07/2010 Brick

New Bike.

Cor! My new bike is brilliant! I got an Allez Elite on the cycle to work scheme. It’s also the first time I’ve owned clipless pedals.

Went for a cycle on Saturday, from Mum and Dad’s. To Pen and Rogers and then round the half marathon route and back. Was fairly easy. Cat was on a mountain bike so we couldn’t go massively fast. Got some little hills in, nothing too crazy though.

30k in total

Straight off the bike into a run in Vinters Park..

Wow! For the first 1000m my legs were all over the place. Really difficult to run at all. Then they were ok, but then I hit a wall. Just could not run anymore so had to walk. Walked for about a minute or so, then started running again and everything was fine. Well, I say fine. As fine as I can be after getting off a 30k bike ride and running round a park in 30deg heat!

4k on the run.

Similar to the Tri on the 25th September. Should be ok for that.


Training 15/07/2010 – Kickboxing

Twice in the past month after heavy training weeks I’ve felt like I was coming down with something. Blocked nose, sore throat and a cough. I have asked around and the heavy training is the most likely cause. I am going to factor in a couple of rest weeks between now and the wedding. Probably from the Thursday before my Stag to the Thursday after. As I’m back in the gym for a session with Kib at Market Sports on the 29th.

Odd to think that doing exercise can make you ill. What an excuse not to do any! ha ha ha.

So I was feeling a bit run down before Kickboxing yesterday, really really tired after the gym session and interval training this week. I also get far too over excited about kickboxing, even though I am utterly shit at it I can’t wait to go.

Yesterday was a pretty hard session, started off with normal warm up, then did some jumping circuits. bit hard to describe, but I’ll give it a go.

1) Cross of Jumping Death 2 skipping ropes folded in half and arranged in a cross + you jump into each gap clockwise, anticlockwise, or in a figure of 8 so from bottom right you go left, diagonally up and right, left, diagonally back and right, left. I think!

2) Weird semi circle ball thing. I will try and find out what it’s called. you jump on it and then off again.

3) Burpee Medicine. 3 medicine balls of varying horribleness. Go down to a burpee position on the floor holding onto the ball, jump up, throw the ball to Stu, move onto the next one. Repeat

Did some punch combinations with Cat which seemed to be going ok when I remembered which one my left hand was.

Padwork session was frustrating. I need to go down there more. Even doing the group classes, I will try and fit it all in with training for the tri. I really would love to be at least reasonable at it.

Penultimate circuit was a rope ladder on the floor and four kick shields laying on their sides and a combination of hopscotch and either jumping over or running round the shields.

Falling on arse count: 1! – Very Happy

Last cirtcuit was six minute weight circuit on the shoulders. Being the idiot I am I picked up the 3 kilo weights. Had to put them down after 1 minute.

100 sit ups and 70 press ups over the hour.



Training – 14/07/2010 Bike / Run / Swim

Bike Run
Went down to the gym with Mrs last night to see what legs feel like straight after a bike ride: rubbish! Rode a quick 10k on the bike and jumped onto the running machine for 5k, a cut down simulation of the triathlon in 2 months.

I definitely know I’ve got it in me, I don’t think the energy will be a problem, I just need to keep doing it and improve!


I actually improved quite a lot I think. I only did about 6 lengths, but I learned a lot about breathing which makes me much more confident. I have a tendency to move my head forward after breating, but I think I can improve on this with a few more sessions.

Got my new bike! Specialzed Allez Elite 2010. It is lovely. Quite happy with clipless shoes.

Planning a mammoth bike ride on Saturday to see what how much work I have to do.Will probably ride the 1/2 marathon course and see what that’s going to be like.


Training 13/07/2010 – running / intervals

Intervals? Bastardavals more like. Horrible horrible things. So I thought I’d have a banana when I got in before running to give me some energy. It looks like I am unable to eat at all before running. I got a massive stitch during warm up. We ran around Weavers fields, then up to Haggerston which took about 20 minutes. Had to walk a little crossing the road as I had a stitch. Into the park and some 1 min sprints followed by 3 min recoveries. Didn’t work for me. The stitch would not go away so we switched to 1 min sprint. Minute walking. Did this for 10 minutes and stopped. It was bloody hard. I think the 1/3 is better, so next time I will refrain from eating.


Training 06/07/10 – Kickboxing

2 hours tonight, first 2 hour session in ages. (1hr with Stu + 1 hr Group Class) unfortunately I hadn’t been in 2 weeks so I was worse than useless. The warm up and circuits are becoming much easier as the fitness increases. Still struggling with roundhouse kicks, just can’t seem to get my back foot round and kick like I’ve been shown. Think I ended up getting a bit fatigued in the legs after squat session at the gym on Monday. 2nd hour was confusing. I think the fatigue really began to affect my brain as I couldn’t remember the combinations. Tried the Paragon monthly challenge which is continuous roundhouses into a kick shield. managed 70. Catheryne managed 88. Record is 114. Ended with a punch and push up circuit which was pretty evil. Continous punches (jab/cross) then push ups, then continuous uppercuts, push ups, hooks, push ups, cross hooks and a final bout of push ups. Ouch.

Will definitely be going much more, there is no sharpness from week to week, I need to be doing this a fewtimes a week.

Not hungry when I got home so we had a shake and a banana.


11 Weeks to a triathlon…

So signed up for the first triathlon of my life. This, in between 2 races I never thought I’d do. The Marie Curie Great Forest Run and the Maidstone Half Marathon.

Why? Well it’s a feat of human endurance that I never thought I’d be able to do, mostly because I never wanted to and then because I was too fat / lazy / hungover / unfit / smoking to do it.

Anyway. 11 weeks to train. In that time I have:

1 x Stag do

1 x wedding

1 x 10k race

Lots of planning and preparation for said wedding, and a job that I have to go to every day.  Should be fun.