Oops, been a while…

I have rather neglected this blog of late. I will try and pick it back up as there is plenty going on.


I am going to try and drop 19kgs over the next 19 weeks. I think it is achievable, my diet is pretty good. Monday to Friday and the drinking is pretty good Monday – Thursday. not sure why Thursday has become a drinking day, but it is a marked improvement on 7 days a week drinking, and I hope to cut that down even further.

I’m down 2.2kgs on the month and that is less than I’d have liked, but a couple of boozy weekends has slowed the process a little.

I can already see the difference, so that is also spurring me on


I was really struggling with the pain in my shins. I only managed 1 run in the 9 days until this weekend, as I ran a pb 53.35 10k with my boss the other week and I just couldn’t run through the pain. Russ has changed my plan so that I am running 30mins every other day, so I am running either to or from work which is going to get better and betterer as the weather changes. I also got a foam roller which is very simply a big tube of blue foam that you roll over and it is amazing! It really hurts, but it is really helping with the pain