Life has its little ups and downs…

Life seems to be getting in the way a bit at the moment, the consistency that I was after, that I need to do well at this has been lacking this week. We’ve been out searching for flats most evenings last week and all weekend so training has been at a minimum. Good news is that we have a flat that we’re moving to in 3 weeks – not quite where I’d planned, we’re moving to Brockley in SE London, which gives me access to the countryside a bit more, but not as much as Kent would have, so I will have to make do – it won’t be any worse than East London for sure.

Training is here.. apart from a run on Saturday that I haven’t uploaded. Nothing got done on the right day last week because of all the flat hunting.

I have really taken my eye off the diet ball too, which is really frustrating. It is something that I’ve done time and time again, but still never learn. I am losing weight at a good rate, so I become less observant on what I’m putting in and next thing I know, the weight starts going in the other direction!

I have gone back to calorie counting, I was hoping to get away without it, because it’s really boring, but I think it’s the only way, just counting booze or what I’m eating doesn’t give me the information, and therefore the controls I need to lose weight. Being confronted by EXACTLY what I am putting in my body means I can hopefully make better choices and get on top of this. I am still on target for ~73kgs by race day, but I need to focus my energies on this.

With my calorie counting, I use a site called they are very good because they are british and they have lots of products and the correct measurements rather than oz and quarts and what have you. There is an option to add in exercise calories, and I was a little undecided on whether to add them in or not. I have a daily quota of 2113 calories in order to lose weight. A run and a turbo session yesterday burned ( According to my garmin, not the sutomatic calculations on the wlr site) a total of 577 calories. My initial thoughts were to ignore them, but a little research made me reconsider. There is a danger of the body going into starvation mode if the calories in vs calories out are very different for a prolonged period, which is quite possible with the volume of training I have to do. So in they go, and after a double training day I’m really glad of them!

My watchword is consistency from now on, consistent training, consistent healthy eating, consistent rest – no late boozy nights! There’s nothing better than stepping on the scales and seeing another kg come off, or the feeling of finishing a swim, bike or run, but I need to keep it up permanently, not keep fading in and out.

Anyhow, enough moaning! I am going to aim to complete 100% of sessions until the end of the month and keep my calorific intake to the correct levels.