Here we go

Stading in the pub is one thing, laughing, beer in hand that training starts next week is so easy to do. Eating and drinking and not training are easy to do. I’m certain the same cannot be said of the converse, however that is what awaits me in a little over 48hours (I am planning on relaxing with a few beers if the desire takes me on New Years Day – it may not, I’m keeping my options open)

I set 4 conditions for the first 202 days of 2012

1) Train consistently
2) No Drinking – There are a few exceptions to this rule, but they will not number more than 5 (that’s days in case you were wondering)
3) Eat right – I know all the theory, I know what is good for me and what is not, I need to put this into practice again
4) Lose weight – the sum of the 3 previous conditions will mean this is the outcome. I’ve managed to set myself a pretty tight program for losing the weight I need to. I want to drop 29kg in the 29weeks I have available. It’s simply achievable, it just requires hard work and dedication. I posess the ability for both of these things, I surprised myself in the run up to Wimbleball this year at just what I can achieve when I put my mind to it.

I found it quite simple to give up the booze last time, after a couple of weeks the mornings are easier with no Kronenbourg in the system and you get used to weekends without going to the pub or having a glass of wine over dinner. The eating right is no problem either – I’ve factored in a curry once a month to keep the spice in life and without a hangover or large quantities of food slowing me down the training should come easy!

On Monday I’m going to plot out my starting points as reference for progress over the next few months, weight, measurements, current fitness and whatnot so I’ve got something to look back on and hopefully be a long way from come race day in July!