Mr inconsistent

As the West Ham song “I’m forever blowing bubbles” goes, Fortune’s always hiding, for me, it’s not so much fortune as consistency. I seem to be unable to string together 2 weeks at the moment, and less than 3 weeks from Wimbleball, it’s not ideal.

Last week was a combination of work and a mild injury potentially caused by work. Off the back of a brilliant 106 mile bike on Sunday I managed to log 0 hours on Monday (Long day at work) a 45 minute run on Tuesday 0 on Wednesday and Thursday as I was out at other offices. So come friday my plan was to do a run and a bike session. 30 minutes into my run and a searing pain in my leg. Stopped. Stretched. Jogged home. Had a stretch and a roll and hoped for the best. Jumped on the turbo a bit later (not fun when it’s baking hot outside, but I just can’t replicate the intensity onthe streets of London) I lasted 12 minutes! Same pain, same side.

I rested for the rest of the weekend, I wasn’t too annoyed about it as the pre wedding, wedding and resulting hangovers would have made it annoying anyway. Got Physio on Tuesday and I’m back!

A total of 1hr 58m training completed out of a scheduled 15hr 38m is far from ideal, especially when compared with the previous weeks 14h 49m completed.

I was really disappointed with it, but, I have put in the hours before now (although there have been some exceptions) and I do have some more weight to lose which is free speed really, so I’m not going to get down about it. looking forward to a ride this weekend and re-tapering down for Wimbleball – 2 weeks on Sunday!

I’m hoping I can find some fortune down there..


9 Weeks to go…

Although this small corner of the internet doesn’t hold testament to it I have actually been doing a lot of training.

With around 38 hours in March, 31 in April and 24 in May already (Bike and Run – Swim not included) I’m in pretty good shape, I thought I’d write more during the run up to race day so I can get out all of the thoughts that are keeping me awake at night!

61 Days until race day…
I’ve had a pretty solid week, I think I’ve only sort of missed one session, which was the long run as I just
didn’t have time on Saturday. I am going to try and get it in this afternoon. I have had a weekend across all three disciplines which I am pretty pleased with.

This training stuff works! Every run I feel stronger and faster, since the start of the year I’ve taken around a
minute off my km pace, I know a lot of that is down to weight loss, but I’ve stalled recently and I am still seeing increases in pace, setting my fastest ever 10k this weekend and a painful 5k test set by Russell on Friday!

It’s not brilliant, but an average speed of 2:05s/100m works for me. I’ve still got time to play with here and getting the practice in open water is, for me, really valuable. I am happy to swim for hours there, but I get angry at the pool within about 30 minutes! I know the pool is where we do technique and get faster and it’s important, but that doesn’t stop it being boring!

Forgot that The Castle Ride is quite tough in places. Comparable climbing to Bolton although no SHL or anything like it really. I’ll caveat this by saying there were 4 stops on this ride so a bit different, but I definitely could have run after that ride yesterday. I do have some slightly concerning pains in my knee, but I think I can keep that under control with more foam rolling and I’m going to try and get fortnightly massages in until 2 weeks before the race – I think! I do need to work on nutrition, I was a bit stupid yesterday in deciding that I’d wait until the first feed stop to eat so I was struggling for a while. I will be ordering some PowerBar gels this week as that’s what they use on the Ironman courses. I’m sure they’ll be fine, I just want to check I am happy with them. It’s better for me to use the on course stuff so I don’t have to carry it all with me. On the whole a solid ride.

I’m going to make my first prediction, not sure if it’s totally wise to do this, but I need a target to focus on.

I currently have:

1h40 swim
10mins T1
8hrs Bike
10 mins T2
5hr Marathon


So with any luck I can be in the pub by 9.30pm!