Wimbleball III


Another year, another me not at a desirable weight, not as fit as I wish to be and going back to this blog to put some thoughts down and get ready for the next attempt.

I’ve come to realise that I need a goal to be motivated to lose weight and train and that goal needs to be sufficiently difficult. So, back to Wimbleball, another 1/2 Ironman triathlon. I’m coaching myself this time and I’m already excited about it. I’m not entirely sure what my target will be, but I’m thinking 6:30 this time, a 48 minute improvement over 2012, but with a bit of weightloss that should be achievable with nearly 300 days until raceday. Having said that, preparation needs to start now. I’ve had a few weeks off on holiday and put on a couple of kgs, so I need to reverse that and get some base miles in over the winter ready for some serious training in the spring.

I’ve got a bit of a niggle in my shoulder which I’m going to work on in preparation for a lot of swimming over the winter.

I’ll start recording properly next week, I’m going to use the rest of this week to plan out the next month, have a couple of easy sessions and plan my diet.


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