Week in review 18/01/2016 IronmanUK 70.3 training

160 days to race day.

Biggest week so far:

2 x 45min runs

Park run (with Buds on his bike)

1 x 50 min run to Mum’s

2 x 1hr+ bike rides.

It’s getting easier and it’s getting more enjoyable, I think this week I’ve actually started to enjoy training, it’s taken a few weeks, but getting out of the house is less of a struggle and after the initial few minutes each time the pain seems to go and it’s a joy to be out, I now know that spring is going to be amazing (if / when it arrives).

I’ve had a few niggles this week, shin splint-y pain and a weird pain in my foot, a bit of stretching and compression socks seems to do the trick.

I’ve also found that tight calves / heel cord may not be a problem locally there. Really stretching out my hamstrings and adductors (always tight, because I sit on my arse at a desk 8 hours a day) seems to relieve the pain.

Weight is continuing to shift in the right direction, although this weekend I let it go a bit, overindulging in orange party food on Saturday (Wotsits are addictive, salty cheesy little bastards) and then overeating on Sunday (and I had a glass of wine, one glass of wine with dinner) the food was all home cooked, but I ate more flat bread than I should and more cous cous. It’s very difficult to eat sensibly with Mechoui lamb, it’s slow roast lamb covered in garlic, rosemary and thyme, pulled apart and put into a homemade flat bread with yoghurt, harrissa and a carrot, orange and pomegranate salad. It’s fucking immense all wrapped up together, the salty lamb, fiery harrissa, cooling yoghurt, sharp salad, all in that doughy bread. Yuuumm.

I also had a Hungarian biscuit afterwards.


MyfitnessPal┬áis a real help because it’s easy to see where I went wrong and by how much and then make the necessary corrections (it’s normally pretty obvious, but it helps having it written in front of me)

Right, I’d better get on with this week then. (It’s actually Thursday today so technically it’s almost over and I’ve only done 10k running so far)



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