Week in review 25/01/2016 IronmanUK 70.3 training

A really frustrating week, last week. I absolutely smashed 10k on Tuesday (relatively, for me I mean). I had gone out in the hope of scraping in under the hour, and ended up running 56 something for it. I was over the moon, so I went to do it again on Thursday, got to abbout 4k, not far from Tower Bridge, felt quite a lot of discomfort in my ankle, but was making good time so decided to push on. Not a smart move. Serious pain on Friday and Saturday, spent Saturday night and all day Sunday with my compression socks on, had a big foam roll last night and everything seems ok today, I notice the pain a bit when I’ve been sitting down for a while (one of the problems with a desk job). I’m going to smash it out on the foam roller tonight after a kettlebell session and then hit that 10k again tomorrow, kettlebells again Wednesday, short run Thursday, maybe kettlebells again Friday then long run / ride Saturday / Sunday.

There’s still plenty of time to go before June, 21 weeks yesterday so a proper rest seemed like the best thing for it. My weight is going exactly to plan. Exactly 4 weeks into training and exactly 4kgs down. Perfect.


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