A 6 year break from training

6 years has gone by in a haze of nappies, pull-ups, school uniforms and now nappies again. Quite why the arrival of child number two in October signified the right time to return to training is anyone’s guess. It’s not like either Ironman training or having a 5 month old baby and a 5 year old boy leave any time free, but, it just sort of feels like the right time. Everything is a lot more settled than it has been for a long time and fitting in training, work and spending time with the family is just a matter of scheduling (ha!) so here we are. It’s not like I’ve been totally sedentary in the last few years, but there’s been no real formal training since the kidney infection and withdrawal from IMUK 2012.

The Goal

There is no real goal at the moment, well, that’s not entirely true, but there’s nothing official. I will be having a little blast up Mont Venoux in the summer and the unofficial goal is IM Wales in September, but I need to get back into some sort of decent form in the next 3 months before I actually commit to anything. I’ve wasted enough money on DNS to be very cautious about parting with cash for events.

I think with what I know now about diet, training and recovery (although I’ve not been doing a great deal of actual activity I have been reading a hell of a lot) I’m in with a good chance of getting to the end of May without too many injuries.

The Plan

My training plan for the next 3 months is basically a rerun of 2012’s early season training, but without a coach and with extra kickboxing thrown in on a Monday and Wednesday. I’ll build up to make these double training days with a run in the morning and kickboxing in the evening, but for the time being they’ll be just kickboxing. I’ll run Tuesday, Friday, Sunday and bike Thursday (turbo) and Saturday. I feel like there’s something I’ve forgotten though…. I’m sure it will come to me.

My training plan is organised in Training Peaks and using their Annual Training Plan (ATP) thingy. I can work out volume and also it tells me the periodisation I need (I’ll write more about this when I figure it all out).

I’ll also write some more about diet and nutrition soon, it’s going to play a massive role in how I perform and shed my excess body fat over the next few months.

…Ah! Swimming…. that’s what I forgot. I will have to fit that in somewhere I suppose.

This was a bit of a brain dump and quite unorganised, but that’s how it is at the moment:

  1. Daydream
  2. Make massive decision
  3. Figure out details as we go.

I hope to have things a bit more organised soon, but for now it’s just about getting back into the routine and mindset of training.