Hugh! Veg! Dinner!

So on Sunday night we watched River Cottage Veg – last in the series and we only caught the last half hour, but…… We found what we were looking for and it was bloody lovely. It’s totally vegetarian too! The recipe was Squash and Leeks. The Hugh Version is on the Channel 4 Website and now I’ve just read it again I realised that I missed out the mustard which would made it even nicer (Even though it was really nice) So here’s what I did..

2 Baby Squash – ours were about 15cm in diameter
Small knob of butter
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 large leek (40cm in length)
50g Cheese – chedddar will be fine
30ml Cream
Oven to 190°C

Slice the tops off the squash and scrape out the insides, I found hands the best way to do this although a knife was required to cut out the stringy bit at the bottom.
Chop the leeks into thin slices
Butter and oil into frying pan and fry the leeks for about 5 minutes or so
Chuck in the cheese and then the cream
Add Salt and Pepper to taste
Spoon the leek mixture into the squashes and put the lids on and put in the oven (I put them onto a wire tray because I was worried about them burning – not sure if this is necessary or not)
Check them after about 45mins, ours needed about an hour in a fan assisted oven at 190°C
When you take them out of the oven they will be inedibly hot for about 10 minutes and even after that will require quite a bit of bloated cheek blowing.

I was thinking they should be served with something, but they were so filling you don’t really need anything. Full up on Vegetables!! Who’da thought it.


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