IMUK Withdrawal


I should be running through my kit list, checking, re checking, packing and re packing everything ready for IMUK this weekend, but instead I am looking forward to heading up to Yorkshire on Saturday with the family and being on the other side of the fence as a spectator on Sunday.

When I started feeling a bit odd on tuesday night 2 weeks ago I thought I might have a cold or something minor. When I woke up on the Wednesday I knew there was something slightly more serious wrong. By the time I went to the Drs I was pretty out of it so I didn’t really think too hard about what was going on, just that it hurt, a lot. By the time I got to the hospital and they’d started dosing me up on painkillers and antibiotics I was beginning to wonder whether I’d make the start line for IMUK. When they told me I’d be staying in for a couple of days I sort of knew I’d not make it, but I was hoping for some kind of miraculous recovery.

It wasn’t until my 3rd night in hospital that it really dawned on me that I was going to have to withdraw. In the end it wasn’t a hard decision to make. My body was fighting a pretty full on kidney infection, I was going to be on antibiotics for 3 weeks and putting myself through an Ironman could not possibly make my recovery any better. With a baby due in 3 months staying in the race would have been both stupid and selfish.

Nearly 3 weeks later and it was definitely the right decision. although I feel better, I still don’t feel 100%. The antibiotics are pretty strong and the symptoms of the infection are only now totally gone. Jumping into a 13Degrees Celsius lake at 6am Sunday would have been a mistake.

There is of course a deep sense of disappointment that I won’t have the chance to get that medal round my neck on Sunday night, but there are more important things in life and I will be back fitter, faster and stronger next time.


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