My plan for the start of this year was building back up the base fitness and strengthening my lower limbs with exercises from James and some Kickboxing back at Paragon – the idea being that the movement and strength work would compliment the other exercises, and it’s lovely and warm in the gym! Great plan, until I managed to injure myself.

During my Kickboxing session in the first week of January I was trying to learn the Lunging Left Hook. Same principle as the Left Hook, but you lunge forward to throw it. Unfortunately my lunge turned into a fall and I turned my left ankle underneath me and sprained it pretty badly.

3 weeks on and I’m healed up nicely. It’s still a bit tight first thing in the morning and I’m wearing an ankle support when running and kickboxing, but I can run again so we are back on the programme.

171 days to race.


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