Injured. My first real proper layoff since I started this and it is mildly annoying at the moment as it’s 2 out of 3 disciplines and I’m left with swimming which I just don’t like!

I’ve been having shin splints on and off since I started running, but they’ve always been manageable with the foam roller until last week when I had to quit my run about 5 minutes in because it hurt too much, and then on the turbo trainer the pressure needed to turn the crank over sent shooting pains up my leg. Neither of them good signs, so I went to see the physio and it is, as predicted Medial Tibial Friction Periostitis – or Shin Splints. He thinks that the change in my running style to midfoot has put stress on already tight calves and my tibialis posterior is very tight as is my plantar fascia There is also some swelling on the front of my shin (forgot what that one’s called, which indicates over compensation for my tight calves) The Physio is not sure why it came on so strongly this time, but most likely trying to do too much. I have been slowly extending the runs, riding to work and doing reasonably long, reasonably hilly bike rides.

There is no running for 2 weeks and no long bikes for 2 weeks either. The cure is more stretching and strengthening work as prescibed by James at Kinetic Revolution So I will also be returning to Paragon and Stuart Lawson for some pain and strengthening over the winter. It’s really going to help so I may as well be indoors in the warm punching stuff while I do it!

I am very relieved that it is just a continuation of the same problem and nothing new. The change in my running style is definitely the right thing to do as it will make running off the bike so much easier, put less stress through my joints and it’s a much more fun way to run! , unfortunately it has highlighted some biomechanical problems I have that need working on.

So after some discussion with Russ and James the next few weeks will be a swimming and strength bonanza and then we are going to get back into everything else slooooooowly. I am going to hit the swimming and strenght stuff hard as I need to not put on too much weight, I know that weight gain over christmas is inevitable and with 7 months off the booze and cakes to look forward I won’t be holding back, but excessive weight gain will just make things more difficult in January. I have over 8 months until IMUK and with managed weight loss next year and a good strength base to train from I’ll be alright!

Shin Splint Exercises

Shin Splint Exercises

Single Leg Squat

Standing Hip Abduction

High Step-Up

Hamstring Exercises


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