Mr inconsistent

As the West Ham song “I’m forever blowing bubbles” goes, Fortune’s always hiding, for me, it’s not so much fortune as consistency. I seem to be unable to string together 2 weeks at the moment, and less than 3 weeks from Wimbleball, it’s not ideal.

Last week was a combination of work and a mild injury potentially caused by work. Off the back of a brilliant 106 mile bike on Sunday I managed to log 0 hours on Monday (Long day at work) a 45 minute run on Tuesday 0 on Wednesday and Thursday as I was out at other offices. So come friday my plan was to do a run and a bike session. 30 minutes into my run and a searing pain in my leg. Stopped. Stretched. Jogged home. Had a stretch and a roll and hoped for the best. Jumped on the turbo a bit later (not fun when it’s baking hot outside, but I just can’t replicate the intensity onthe streets of London) I lasted 12 minutes! Same pain, same side.

I rested for the rest of the weekend, I wasn’t too annoyed about it as the pre wedding, wedding and resulting hangovers would have made it annoying anyway. Got Physio on Tuesday and I’m back!

A total of 1hr 58m training completed out of a scheduled 15hr 38m is far from ideal, especially when compared with the previous weeks 14h 49m completed.

I was really disappointed with it, but, I have put in the hours before now (although there have been some exceptions) and I do have some more weight to lose which is free speed really, so I’m not going to get down about it. looking forward to a ride this weekend and re-tapering down for Wimbleball – 2 weeks on Sunday!

I’m hoping I can find some fortune down there..


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