New Forest training / holiday

An excellent, but slightly disappointing week down in the New Forest. I didn’t quite get to where I wanted to be with regards distance, because I picked up a little injury that I think is ok now. I started getting a pain above my right knee on the bike on Tuesday, that seemed to get fixed with the roller, it came back a bit on Wednesday and then quite a bit running on Thursday so I cut it there. Still, 29.7kms of running and 195kms on the bike over the course of a week is high volume for me and I really enjoyed it. (The BBQ’s and beer afterwards may have also had something to do with it!) No swimming as the rivers and lakes were a little bit shallow.

So here’s the rundown:

Saturday 9th April:

A short run with the girls through the forest:

Sunday 10th April:

An 80k bike out in the sunshine. Perfect weather, followed by a run, which hurt, lots…

Monday 11th April:

A 10k run through the forest, peppered with a few little stop starts to let the children catch up. Managed in JUST under an hour..

Tuesday 12th April:

A 70k bike through the forest, some wonderful scenery and rode part of the Forestman Iron Distance bike leg. There was supposed to be a hill called red shoot, but I couldn’t find it.

Wednesday 13th April:

Some serious wind on this ride, coming out of forest across wide open countryside was not a huge amount of fun, but good experience….

Thursday 14th April:

A run from our house over to Beaulieu house. Had to stop when we got to Beaulieu as my knee was hurting quite a bit, but with the increase in volume throughout the week I’m not really surprised. A beautiful run through the forest on trails and mud and grass.

Finished with figures of 195.74kms on the bike, 29.7kms running, a total of 11hrs49m training done across the week.

Came back on Friday and had that as a rest, did a straight 1000m at the pool on Saturday, which I thought was 2000m because I can’t count. It was only after I got home and was thinking how easy it was that I realised that 20 x 50m = 1000. D’oh! Didn’t do anything on Sunday as I think the effects of the week were catching up with me so I went and watched the marathon and had some beer in the sunshine.

I am packing in booze from the 29th April until race day, (Excepting 1 weekend) I need to drop a lot more weight and it seems the easiest way to do it, I’m mentally preparing myself for it so it should go ok. I am going on a stag do on the 28th May, which I will definitely be having a couple of beers. Then nothing until early afternoon (hopefully) on June 19th.


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