Training 06/07/10 – Kickboxing

2 hours tonight, first 2 hour session in ages. (1hr with Stu + 1 hr Group Class) unfortunately I hadn’t been in 2 weeks so I was worse than useless. The warm up and circuits are becoming much easier as the fitness increases. Still struggling with roundhouse kicks, just can’t seem to get my back foot round and kick like I’ve been shown. Think I ended up getting a bit fatigued in the legs after squat session at the gym on Monday. 2nd hour was confusing. I think the fatigue really began to affect my brain as I couldn’t remember the combinations. Tried the Paragon monthly challenge which is continuous roundhouses into a kick shield. managed 70. Catheryne managed 88. Record is 114. Ended with a punch and push up circuit which was pretty evil. Continous punches (jab/cross) then push ups, then continuous uppercuts, push ups, hooks, push ups, cross hooks and a final bout of push ups. Ouch.

Will definitely be going much more, there is no sharpness from week to week, I need to be doing this a fewtimes a week.

Not hungry when I got home so we had a shake and a banana.


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