Training – 14/07/2010 Bike / Run / Swim

Bike Run
Went down to the gym with Mrs last night to see what legs feel like straight after a bike ride: rubbish! Rode a quick 10k on the bike and jumped onto the running machine for 5k, a cut down simulation of the triathlon in 2 months.

I definitely know I’ve got it in me, I don’t think the energy will be a problem, I just need to keep doing it and improve!


I actually improved quite a lot I think. I only did about 6 lengths, but I learned a lot about breathing which makes me much more confident. I have a tendency to move my head forward after breating, but I think I can improve on this with a few more sessions.

Got my new bike! Specialzed Allez Elite 2010. It is lovely. Quite happy with clipless shoes.

Planning a mammoth bike ride on Saturday to see what how much work I have to do.Will probably ride the 1/2 marathon course and see what that’s going to be like.


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