Training 15/07/2010 – Kickboxing

Twice in the past month after heavy training weeks I’ve felt like I was coming down with something. Blocked nose, sore throat and a cough. I have asked around and the heavy training is the most likely cause. I am going to factor in a couple of rest weeks between now and the wedding. Probably from the Thursday before my Stag to the Thursday after. As I’m back in the gym for a session with Kib at Market Sports on the 29th.

Odd to think that doing exercise can make you ill. What an excuse not to do any! ha ha ha.

So I was feeling a bit run down before Kickboxing yesterday, really really tired after the gym session and interval training this week. I also get far too over excited about kickboxing, even though I am utterly shit at it I can’t wait to go.

Yesterday was a pretty hard session, started off with normal warm up, then did some jumping circuits. bit hard to describe, but I’ll give it a go.

1) Cross of Jumping Death 2 skipping ropes folded in half and arranged in a cross + you jump into each gap clockwise, anticlockwise, or in a figure of 8 so from bottom right you go left, diagonally up and right, left, diagonally back and right, left. I think!

2) Weird semi circle ball thing. I will try and find out what it’s called. you jump on it and then off again.

3) Burpee Medicine. 3 medicine balls of varying horribleness. Go down to a burpee position on the floor holding onto the ball, jump up, throw the ball to Stu, move onto the next one. Repeat

Did some punch combinations with Cat which seemed to be going ok when I remembered which one my left hand was.

Padwork session was frustrating. I need to go down there more. Even doing the group classes, I will try and fit it all in with training for the tri. I really would love to be at least reasonable at it.

Penultimate circuit was a rope ladder on the floor and four kick shields laying on their sides and a combination of hopscotch and either jumping over or running round the shields.

Falling on arse count: 1! – Very Happy

Last cirtcuit was six minute weight circuit on the shoulders. Being the idiot I am I picked up the 3 kilo weights. Had to put them down after 1 minute.

100 sit ups and 70 press ups over the hour.



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