Training 19/07/2010 – Running

8k round victoria park.

Was really quite tough. An after work run. Started out really difficult, wanted to give up really early on because I got a stitch and it was hot and I’d just got home from work and any other excuse I could think of to not have to run. I stopped and walked for about a minute or so, then started again. Catheryne suggested we do the smaller run just the bottom of the park if I wasn’t feeling good, so I had a little word with myself and carried on and did the big loop. After about 37minutes I decided that we’d walk one shortly, but that never happened. I realised that walking is not going to get me anywhere near a triathlon, half marathon and certainly not any longer distance races so we didn’t!

I also made a deal with myself that I could have a beer if we did the whole thing, so I did. Managed to go into the one off-licence that is owned by someone from the gym! Stupid Paragon. 🙂


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