Training 20/07/2010 Kickboxing

Tuesday 6.15 with Stu. Better session than last week certainly. Still pretty tough. Another lot of hideous circuit training. 6 minutes in total. 1 minute on each, repeat once.

Ball Curls
Standing on one of those semi circle ball things and doing bicep curls and shoulder presses. (5kg)

Chest Press & Flys
10kg I think

Step ups onto a heavy bag
On the floor, obviously. Not hanging from the ceiling. That wouldn’t make any sense.(52 first go and 62 second)

Active rest as Stu likes to call it was all sorts of press ups, burpees, sit ups, step ups, dorsal raises, lunges, squats.

One thing it is definitely not, is rest.

Technical work wasn’t too bad. Left hook to the body is getting better. Step through spinning kicks are quite good. Need to work on knowing stu’s pads better and setting my feet properly. I have no stability half the time.

Finished with a press up circuit and some squats with medicine ball steering wheel twist things. Ouch.


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