Training W/C 1st November

Hmmm, my training didn’t start in the best circumstances, in fact, it didn’t start at all on Monday as I had a massive hangover from my birthday which prevented me from smiling for a few days. However I managed to get out for a run on Tuesday and so it begins!


A Run around the isle of dogs. Not too bad. bit slower than I’d have liked, but there was a residual tiredness from the weekend I think.


My first turbo session. It hurts. It’s boring and it’s sweaty indoors. And my garmin went a bit mental:


I was out on Thursday night, so couldn’t go swimming, instead I went for a lunchtime run down the canal..


Day off! Woooo!


Brick Session – this couldn’t have gone worse. Only managed 17k on the bike as my rear wheel kept falling off because the turbo skewer doesn’t fit and then my wife’s crank arm fell off. Run was ok after finding my legs.


Supposed to be an “easy” run, didn’t end up quite like that. Challenging I think is a better description. Really enjoyed it (Afterwards)

Capped off the week with a nice walk in the Country. Ahhhhhh.

Kept a food and drink diary this week which was a bit of an eye opener. Having a couple of beers on the sofa every night and one night out led to over 50 units of alcohol and 4000+ calories. That’s nearly 2 days food! Knocked that on the head. no booze during the week and I will try to keep it a bit sensible at the weekends too. Although that’s easier said than done in the run up to Christmas.



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